AMPRO T2 Passcode Bypass [ Untethered Bypass All BridgeOS ]



1. Authorize ECID: Begin by authorizing your ECID to ensure your device is recognized.

2. Enter DFU Mode: Switch your Mac into DFU Mode to prepare it for bypass operations.

3. Bypass Passcode: Click the "Passcode Bypass (Step 1)" button, then proceed with "Step 2" after success. If you've already prepared a USB with the patcher, skip to Step 10.

4. Download & Place macOS Catalina: Download the macOS Catalina Installer and place it in your Applications folder.

5. Format & Prepare USB: Format a USB drive, naming it "USB", and use the following command to make it a bootable macOS installer:


   sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/USB


6. Upload Patcher: Add the patcher file to your bootable USB with the macOS Catalina installer.

7. Boot from USB: Insert the USB into the locked Mac and boot it by holding the "option" key, then select the macOS Installer from the USB.

8. Open Terminal at Language Screen: At the language selection screen, press COMMAND + T to open Terminal without selecting a language yet.

9. Setup & Terminal Command: Now, select your language, connect to WiFi, and set your keyboard layout. In Terminal, enter the command to activate the bypass:


   find /Volumes -type f -name t2bypass -exec {} \;


10. Install macOS: Proceed with the installation of macOS Catalina.

After installation, you're free to update to any macOS version you prefer. This streamlined approach simplifies the steps while maintaining the essential actions required for the process.


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